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Statistics show that as many as 1.4 million people in America will suffer from a traumatic brain injury every year. These types of brain injuries can arise from all types of incidents, ranging from slip and falls to car accidents to workplace accidents. Unfortunately, brain injuries are not always evident, even to the victim. Some symptoms can be extremely subtle and difficult to diagnose. If you have been in an accident of any type, it is imperative that you undergo proper testing and assessment to ensure you haven't missed a brain injury.

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Identifying Symptoms of Brain Injuries

A brain injury can be defined as any injury that disrupts brain function, which can range from concussions, closed head injuries, or external brain injuries.

While some brain injuries can be easily diagnosed, others are more subtle. There are some signs that can indicate such an injury has occurred:

Headaches lasting substantial time
Trouble concentrating
Loss of memory
Dizziness or difficulty balancing
Sudden mood changes or swings
Frequent fatigue and irritability

In many cases, it can take extensive time for several the symptoms of a brain injury to develop in a person. It may be a gradual process at first, which is why many people don’t initially realize that they have sustained such a serious injury.

6 Steps to Take if You Suspect You’ve Sustained a Brain Injury

It can be difficult to determine what you should do following an accident.

If you suspect a brain injury, make sure you always:

Get medical attention and care

Keep track of and monitor any symptom changes

Organize all medical documents and accident evidence

Schedule regular check-ups with your doctor

Know the basis of your case (does it involve negligence on the part of another party legally responsible?)

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